Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, I’m passionate about finding some runway inspired peices for a whole lot cheaper then designer prices. Now your girl always cares about quality and lasting, but who says you have to spend a fortune to look good and still wear trendy things? This whole outfit is less than $500!

First things first… lets just say the 90’s called and they want their sunglasses back. Im THRILLED that this summer the Olsen twins are inspiring me to bring back my tween age self. If you haven’t tried on a pair of circle sunglasses yet, you’re missing out. Not only are they flattering on most face shapes, but they add some real sass to any outfit. These ones were at H&M for only $12.99! Off to the watch, one thing I can tell you is time is the most important element in our lives, so what you use to tell time should be just as important. Im sticking to Daniel Wellington this season. They’re well crafted watches and the best part is for this scorching heat, they are super thin which allows your wrist to not be weighed down by it.  Now when I’m feeling a little sassy I’ll bring out this camouflage print fabric strap, otherwise I’ll stick to the classy act of leather. Super easy to switch out and works for any occasion!

The yellow body suit? Well, this is so far one of my favorite editions to my closet the last few weeks. These things are making a huge come back, especially with the heavy influence of pop starts wearing them. This one has a ribbed texture and surprisingly this baby is thick! The silver buttons can unbutton up top and the crotch area actually doesn’t unsnap (this means this is not one of the ones you wear going out with your girls because ladies, you will have to pull it all the way down). Find this key piece at H&M in the Trend section! Ripped black pants? Well if you know me, you know I live in ripped denim. Its the florida girl in me looking for any excuse to wear the most breathable clothing. These are high waisted so they go great with bodysuits, crop tops, and tight shirts, & blouse. I’ll be styling these differently in the up coming blog posts! Again another great find at H&M for $49.99.

The Kate Spade backpack is my everyday essential. Someone like me who commutes into the city everyday, I need some space in my bag for lugging around things. It has side buttons which makes the backpack expand and carry even more! I can fit my whole makeup bag in this bag, that says a lot! If i can’t have a neckerchief around my neck for my outfit you bet its on my purse! This pink one on my bag is from Madewell.

Lastly, but most importantly, DENIM. This time its this embodied denim jacket. I bought this one oversized on purpose but it does fit as a boyfriend style as is. Hands down one of my favorite denim pieces I own.

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